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Michigan Smallmouth Bass guides on the Muskegon River.
Michigan Smallmouth Bass fishing is best during May, June, July, and August when water tempratures are at their warmest. We offer flats style fishing with either light spinning tackle or fly rods. Typically using the spot and stalk method where the anglers actually casts to a speciffic fish or rise form.

Trophy Smallmouth on inland lakes in Michigan.
Large Smallmouth are common in Northern Michigan waters during the summer months. These fish are aggressive and take flies and soft plastics well. They are spectacular fighters that jump and pull hard! Smallies love to chase and follow big streamers and often hit right next to the boat.

We offer guided Smallmouth trips throughout the summer months with June, July, and August being prime time.
Light spinning tackle and fly fishing available.

Selection of Smallmouth Bass flies. Streamers, poppers, and crayfish flies.
A variety of flies including poppers, streamers, and crayfish patterns get the job done. Surface action can be great!

Northern Pike also love big flies during the summer.
During the Summer months the Muskegon offers a variety of warm-water species including Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Musky, and Walleye.

Nutcracker Streamer pattern for big trout!
Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters for Smallmouth Bass.

Nutcracker Streamer pattern for big trout!
Guided Fishing for River Smallmouth in Michigan.

Muskegon River Smallmouth Bass.

During July and August, there is one fish that stands out above the rest.. Smallmouth Bass!
When the water gets on the warm side for trout, you can find one of our favorite targets--Smallmouth Bass. If you haven't fished for Smallies, you've got to try it! These fish fight harder pound-for-pound than any other freshwater fish. Unlike Largemouth Bass, that give out after a few short bursts, Smallies don't quit.

~ Trophy Muskegon River Smallmouth ~ Becky displays a trophy smallmouth taken on a Rapala lure.

The action is amazing--stripping streamers in clear water and seeing a huge mouth engulf the fly. You set the hook and then it really gets interesting. Topwater is even more amazing--you can catch Smallmouth on hatch-matching mayflies and caddis, or go for gurgling bass bugs that they'll smash.

We have a few special sections of the Muskegon River that we fish for Smallmouth Bass, where the fish grow a lot bigger. The average fish in some sections is 14"--much larger than the 10" average fish in much of the rest of the state.

River Smallmouth Bass in Michigan.  Croton and Hardy offer great fishing.

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~ Muskegon River SmallMouth Guides~ Nutcracker Streamer pattern for big trout!

Smallies offer anglers a wide variety of both top water and streamer action. Rapala's and body baits also offer fast paced action on the Muskegon River.

Muskegon River Outfitters - Guides for Muskegon River fly fishing. Salmon, trout and steelhead fishing on the Muskegon and Pere Marquette rivers. Michigan Fly Fishing guides muskegon river trout. Guided drift boat trout trips are available for the gray drake and the gray drake spinner fall and summer trout. Trout guide fly fishing streamer fishing for Michigan trout on West Michigan streams and the Pere Marquette river.

Muskegon River Outfitters also guide for winter steelhead, great lakes steelhead, skamania steelhead and spring steelhead. Au Sable trout fly fishing is also available for the Hex below Mio. West Michigan steelhead rivers fish well throughout the winter.

Muskegon River Fly Fishing- Grand Rapids, Mi and in Newaygo, mi. During summer fly fishing we may guide Smallmouth bass and Atlantic salmon on the st. mary's river. Chicago fly fishing anglers enjoy fishing the Muskegon river for it's scenic beauty and it's prolific steelhead and salmon fishing. Michigan fall steelhead fish best in November and December. MIchigan spring steelhead on the Pere Marquette "Flies Only" fly fish best in March, April, and may. Grand Rapids fly fishing guide service on the Muskegon River. Chicago fly fishing for st. joe skamania steelhead. Grand Rapids Fly Fishing

~Streamers for SmallMouth Bass~
Nutcracker Streamer pattern for big trout!

The Muskegon River is known for its massive runs of Spring & Fall Steelhead, and the large Chinook salmon run in the fall. The Muskegon has great hatches of caddis and Gray Drakes during the early summer, but fishing gets tough when water temperatures rise to near 70 degrees.

Most Midwestern anglers have heard of the Muskegon, but do not think of great smallmouth fishing when talking about the Muskegon. The Muskegon watershed from near the town or Hersey Michigan, downriver to the town of Newaygo Michigan can produce great days and evenings fishing hundreds of rock piles, logjams, and cross backs looking for "Bronze backs."

Smallmouth love anything that looks like a meal! When water temps on the Muskegon rise, the smallmouth fishing can turn on as well providing excitement for anglers of all skill levels. Flies and light tackle both work well for these fresh water brutes. Many evenings provide great topwater or surface action. Poppers and surface or shallow running baits can produce dozens of boils and hits on the surface. Fishing streamers and body baits allow anglers to fish deeper water areas during changing weather patterns.

Smallmouth bass feed on baitfish, leeches, sculpins, and many of the hatches the Muskegon River produces. On warm evenings, throwing poppers on a fly rod is exciting and explosive. The weather in Michigan in late summer can provide many good to great days of fishing on the Muskegon River for smallmouth bass.

Smallmouth fishing on the Muskegon River starts heating up in July, and will fish well into August. River fishing smallmouth Bass can be fun if you know where to go, and what to use. A fishing guide can help make an ordinary day, a fishing trip of a lifetime. Guides are on the river just about everyday, and a good guide can help you catch fish even when fishing is slow. The use of a boat helps anglers to cover large amounts of water, and provides hundreds of places to cast in search of Muskegon River Smallmouth. Other rivers in Western Michigan also fish well for river smallmouth, such as the Grand River and Flat River both located close to Grand Rapids Michigan.